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It is my first time to ever properly work out or use any supplements. I have been using NutriUs products for about 2 months and I can say with confidence that myself and people around me can clearly see my transformation and it is a good feeling and keeps one motivated. Not only can i recommend the NutriUs products for a supplement when working out, but i have also worked it into meal plans and it makes it easier by tasting great too.

People around me can clearly see my transformation

The products I received from NutriUs have transformed me in the shortest amount of the time possible, they are affordable and delivered on time. James attends to client needs and help in harnessing your ideal body type and goals!


Previously purchasing my supplements elsewhere I quickly recognised the excellent customer service and range of supplements NutriUs is able to provide. Since I began ordering items through James I have been very impressed with the detailed advice he has given about what products best suit my needs. In addition, the speed that the products arrived to my doorstep was fantastic! All the items arrived safely and in quality packaging thus allowing me to feel assured of their origin. I am very impressed with how James and NutriUs is developing and the new ways they are supporting their customers.


A quick and easy way to fulfill all your supplement needs in China. Before I found NutriUs, I was ordering supplements from the U.S. and paying about the same price, but having to wait 10-15 days for them to arrive. Now I send a message on Wechat or order from the NutriUs website and I have supplements delivered in 2-3 days. You can't beat the convenience!


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